The Project consists of three main elements:


Partial Network diagram

  • Concentric computer network
  • X-10 device network
  • Phone network

    System: Internet server

    The OTALA.COM server presents itself to the outside world as multi-protocol, multi-purpose server.



    IP nameCPUOSMemoryDiskDescription
    srv1Pentium 90MHzLinux 2.2.1464M3GInside network primary DNS
    srv2Dual P2 266MHzLinux 2.2.14320M60GOutside network primary server
    srv3AMD K6-2 400MHzRedHat 6.2128M7GLinux Workstation
    ps1NetGear PS110Printserver 1
    ps2NetGear PS110Printserver 2
    taodt1486 100MHzOS/2 Warp Connect48M7 disks
    Total 14G
    SMB server
    taodt2P2 200MHzWin95 OSR296M6GOld main workstation
    taodt3Pentium 180MHzWinNT 4 SP496M10GNT Development WS
    nathaliePentium 75MHzWin95 OSR216M512MPortable
    okki486 100MHzWin95 OSR232M820MOkki's old WS
    nat2AMD K6-2 400MHzWin98128M7GNat WS & PBX server
    okki2AMD K2-2 400MHzWin9864M7GOkki WS & Weather server
    portableP2 350MHzWin98128M6GTaO Portable
    videoP3 500MHz
    133MHz bus
    Win98128M60GVideo computer, TV Card
    DVD, Digital Audio
    toasterAMD K6-2 400MHzWin98256M60GGraphics & CD-burner
    winceHitachi SH3 166MHzWinCE 2.11150MTaO palmtop
    dhcp-128...dhcp-250Visiting machines
    DHCP allocation
    v34386 16MHzRockwell2MV.34 router
    isdn386 16MHzRockwell4MISDN router
    dslFlowpoint4MDSL router